Thursday, 11 September 2014

Makerparty @ ITMU Gwalior


Lots of effort + Planning + Hardwork = Makerparty@ITMU

If i am going to define the makerparty in one sentence the best way is this. It satarted 15 to 20 days earlier then the day of event that is 06/09/14. Long hectic days which were part of my life for almost a week with managing and thinking on every single area which needed attention. The response by the participants were over whelming when we got registration three times which we expected with participants varying from all stream of engineering.

Then the day can when the actual D day came the event started with the Mozilla mission by Arpit who explained about mozilla mission and community.The participants were so excited to know about Mozilla as their was a little awareness amongst the student in Gwalior.
Then Arpit passed me the mike to address participants on very first step of Mozilla contribution that is "Firefox student ambassador" and various ways of contributing in Mozilla like :-
  • Localization
  • Support forum
  • AOA
  • App dev.
  •  Code base etc.

Then the last session was by Anju who cover the webmaker tool and various ways to contribute in it. The participants had lots of question which were answered by the speakers very well they looked satisfied with the explanation and enthusiastic to be part of Mozilla mission.

Then the participants were taken to the computer center of ITM University to get hand on experience on webmaker tools like Thimble, Popcornmaker , X-ray goggle and app maker.

Participants were so excited to make creative things most of the participants made awesome makes on X-ray goggle and thimble some of them also made apps which show the level of curiosity.

 Useful resources:- 

Agenda of the event :-
Makes by the participants:-