Sunday, 30 November 2014

Make Day Gwalior

When your a group of like minded people sit together to make changes for a noble cause they are not alone. There are whole lot of other who come to support you to build a community of revolutionist. The same thing happened when few Open source enthusiast can together to make a community called "Mozilla Community Gwalior".
Then came the day when first event "Make day Gwalior" under the umbrella of the Mozilla Community Gwalior held on 29-30 December 2014 following the Maker party @ ITMU held at ITM University back in September.

Its all started with a simple idea of "shaping the web through web only". Then we started planning for hosting an online maker party with extended hours of whole day.
So then came the idea of a full 24 hours online Make Day Gwalior with Firefox OS and Firefox Browser as the theme of the event to celebrate the launch of Firefox OS in INDIA and at the same time Firefox browser getting younger on 10th of this month.

The event started on 29/11/14 sharp at 3 pm when the super mozillian came together on Scrollback a place were community meet.The active contributors from Mozilla Community Gwalior   Vishal, Shantanu Prakash,Himanshu Choudhary, Riya Mukherjee, Mohita Pritam, Ritika Kumari, Saurabh Gupta and Abhishek Gupta were there to be part of such an awesome campaign.

Our Rep Mayur patil guided us in the planning part and throughout the event Reps like April Morone, Dyvik,Ajay Kumar Jogawath,Mrinal Jain from different locations where part of the event.
The event started with the introduction about the webmaker to the
newbies and what are the different tools which cab be used to show their captivities. 
All the participants marked there presence on the MoPad which was specially made for the Make Day Gwalior.As it was a 24 hr event we were expecting lots of makes and attendees joining us.The same thing happened with lots of awesome makes.

The makes covered all the areas of Firefox OS ranging from introduction of Firefox OS to features of it and from celebrations of 10 anniversary of Firefox browser to various Firefox OS devices.

The participants really enjoyed the whole event and worked on webmaker. They came up with awesome Thimble, X-ray goggles and Popcorn maker.
Few selected makes which were out of the box. :)


Event date :- 29-30 Nov. 2014

Event venue :- Scrollback channel

Event Links :- 
Event hashtag :- #mozillagwl and #makedaygwl
Event details and Makes :-  MoPad

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Journey of Webmaker Super Mentor

I would like to share my experiences and journey from a newbie in Webmaker to a Webmaker Super Mentor.
Its all started with simple visit to website then i explored about it more and got to know about various components of the webmaker project by Mozilla. Them i came in contact with the active contributors who were already contributing in the project and got to know about the mission of the project to teach those who want to learn on web which is given the name as "Teach the web".
The best part of this project is that you learn while you make and there are various level of recognition you get when you acquired a certain skill-set.There are whole set of badges which you can earn and share with others.
I started making makes on webmaker and started attending webmaker events. My first recognition came as the skill sharer badge when i wrote my first blog on the KidzMaker party i have attended.

This badge was the breakthrough in my contribution after that i have never stopped my contribution and made lots of makes and remixed the existing one. Which made me eligible for the remixing maker badge in which we have to make and write blogs which highlight the various features of webmaker project and using multimedia in your makes.
Then came the day when i have hosted my first webmaker event in my college which made me eligible for the makerparty host and FSAmaker party badges.
for more about the maker party.

The most important step towards webmaker mentor and super mentor is to teach and share your skills. The more and more new contributors can get involved in the webmaker project through teaching kits which may cover various projects Mozilla like webmaker, appmaker etc. or various web literacy skills.
After making teaching kits and hosting events i applied for Webmaker Mentor badge.

The webmaker mentors are the army of those webmaker enthusiast who share, make and contribute to webmaker project to its fullest.
This made me more passionate about the Webmaker and Mozilla. I started biuilding community and reaching out people who want to contribute for the betterment of the web and want web accessible to all.

Kidz Maker Party

Mini Camp Jaipur

Maker party @ ITMU

After hosting events and sharing knowledge i have applied for the This badge is issued by Mozilla to outstanding Webmaker community members. Super Mentors are like Webmaker superheroes.They work with the webmaker team and contribute to make the project a huge success.

For more resources visit these:-

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Makerparty @ ITMU Gwalior


Lots of effort + Planning + Hardwork = Makerparty@ITMU

If i am going to define the makerparty in one sentence the best way is this. It satarted 15 to 20 days earlier then the day of event that is 06/09/14. Long hectic days which were part of my life for almost a week with managing and thinking on every single area which needed attention. The response by the participants were over whelming when we got registration three times which we expected with participants varying from all stream of engineering.

Then the day can when the actual D day came the event started with the Mozilla mission by Arpit who explained about mozilla mission and community.The participants were so excited to know about Mozilla as their was a little awareness amongst the student in Gwalior.
Then Arpit passed me the mike to address participants on very first step of Mozilla contribution that is "Firefox student ambassador" and various ways of contributing in Mozilla like :-
  • Localization
  • Support forum
  • AOA
  • App dev.
  •  Code base etc.

Then the last session was by Anju who cover the webmaker tool and various ways to contribute in it. The participants had lots of question which were answered by the speakers very well they looked satisfied with the explanation and enthusiastic to be part of Mozilla mission.

Then the participants were taken to the computer center of ITM University to get hand on experience on webmaker tools like Thimble, Popcornmaker , X-ray goggle and app maker.

Participants were so excited to make creative things most of the participants made awesome makes on X-ray goggle and thimble some of them also made apps which show the level of curiosity.

 Useful resources:- 

Agenda of the event :-
Makes by the participants:-

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Become a webmaker explorer


                                       Web and open Web

 As we listen "Mozilla" the next thing that comes i our mind is the Open web, But we should know what open web is and why it is necessary. 
When ever there is no control over the content of the internet by some bigwigs that is called open web. This is the place where every one can share its creativity and see what other have done. Mozilla's projects like webmaker give us a liberty to do all these things at a same place.

  • Thimble make
  • Popcorn make
  • X-ray goggles make.
The main aspects of any open web community are :-

  • decentralization
  • transparency 
Thimble an awesome tool through which we can make webpages and see the page in the section next to the code editor. This provide opportunity to make new things and share it with others.The best thing in it is that we can remix the existing content and publish it in this manner the credit is given to the maker of that make.
for more visit this. :-

Popcorn maker help the user to edit videos and share it with the  other we just need to copy and paste the link of the video and edit it according to our requirement.

for more visit this:-

X-ray goggles this is the tool which promote open web allot with its features of scanning a web page and identifying its various markup and attribute. Which help the user to see and edit the various element according to there creativity.
for more visit this link:-

The main idea behind all this to make and learn. As we see and edit existing content this give us inspiration and opportunity to everyone to show there creativity and the ownership of the content remains with the maker of that content.
This promote connected learning which has various principal like "interest powered", "peer supported" and "academically oriented"

Additional resources :-



Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mini Camp Jaipur

             "Make Learn and Share" 

Event :- Mini Camp Jaipur.
Date:-   17/08/2014. 

Hello friends,

This blog is on the event Mini Camp Jaipur.I got to know about the event from Meghraj Suthar he told me that as i am regular contributor I should attend this event and learn the community building process so that it will help me in my area.The second he asked me to join me this event i was clear in my mind what ever hurdle i get in reaching Jaipur from Gwalior i will join this "army of awesome".

My journey started from Gwalior railways station actually i have to break the journey so i, reached Agra railways station first and from there caught my train to the pink city. When I reached the venue i got a warm welcome from The MCR team.The team members were working very hard on analyzing and arranging things which may be importent for the event.Earlier have never met these guys but after seeing every one dedication i can say now that they are really working as team.They have divided task according to the interest and talent of each MCR member.
The USP of the event was vineel i can say that he was the show stopper of the event and the best person among all the
persons gathered in the "Sheesha lounge" to explain what Mozilla is and what we can do for Mozilla as contributor.
As the event started Trisul who was the live wire of the event and Osho having same level of potential supported him to
explain the agenda of the event.

The main focus of the event was to introduce the new biees about the various area of contribution and provied an opportunity to all the contributors in and across Jaipur to meet and discuss there contribution stories.After this Vineel took the center stage to explain about Mozilla foundation, its various projects and the various ways a person can contribute in Mozilla.
There were lots of fun activities like "Ali baba forty thieves" and "greeting each other as old friends". These session really helped to beark the ice after these activities the participants really opened up and started speaking and showing there talents.The first to session were took by varun and lavish they told all the participants about app development and app maker tool.The sessions then divided into two parts one groups of participants according to there interested were sent to the app development area and other set of guys sent to webmaker tools making area.
I have joined the app development group as mentor to help to thrieve them through there mission to publish there first ever app on marketplace.These participants were really creative and enthusiastic few got stuck at various point so i helped them to debug those errors.The other set of guys who were working on webmaker tools like thimble,popcorn maker and X-ray goggler also worked hard and showed there creative work.
The next session was about SuMo and various ways of contribution like AOA, Support Forum and localization which was taken by Raj suthar. 
App dev session

After all the successful sessions the event was wrapped up by giving appreciation to all the participants by Vineel
who made awesome apps, creative things using webmaker tools and the artwork by all the team members.
This was really an awesome event full of "learning, creativity and productivity".It really great being there and
attending this event in company of liaison like "Vineel reddy
pindi"......... :)
Overall event was a big hit hope to see more such awesome meetups.

Thanks.... :)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Future Mozillians in there making

 Event venue :- Excellent public school, Itarsi, M.P.

 Event date:- 03/08/2014

Hello friends,
                       I would like to share my experiences as the member of the organizing team of the "KIDZMAKER PARTYChandan baba and Anju chandel at Excellent public school, Itarasi around 500 Km from Gwalior.

When you have a lump of clay is kept somewhere it has no importance but if the same lump is given shape it is become valuable. The same situation I saw in a school in the small town like Itarsai around 500 Km from my city Gwalior. When Chandan told me about the event i was super excited to be part of the event as we are going to interact with bunch of kidz who are excited to know about web.

My journey started from Gwalior late night to the place where i have never been. Early morning i reached there and got a warm welcome from the organizer of the event Anju chandel which provided all the member great hospitality and homely feeling. We reached the venue and started to make arrangement mean while all the young kidz started coming the class room was jam packed but there enthusiasm was mind blowing and they were eager to learn new things.They were really excited to make friendship with Mozilla as the day was "Friendship Day" which made this event more special for all of us.

As the event started members from Mozilla Bhopal community introduced the students about the Mozilla foundation, its mission and the various project under it. The focus was on webmaker tool as the agenda of the event was it only. The student were so interactive they too part in discussion and put their questions in front of us. On answering questions they have been provided with swags of Mozilla and to make the event full of fun, I improvised and conducted fun activities like virtual rain and cleared the doubt about HTML, CSS and JS. So that the came make and remix thimble.

Chandan shared his knowledge about popcorn maker and X-Ray googler and helped the students to make few things. Anju chandel told girl about WoMoz mission.

 Few creative students created art work in front of all of us.The principle of the school appreciated our effort and invited us for future events.

Overall the event was a great success which was full of knowledge sharing and creativity. This provided me a path to contribute in Mozilla community development in my city that is Gwalior.

Good luck.