Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Journey of Webmaker Super Mentor

I would like to share my experiences and journey from a newbie in Webmaker to a Webmaker Super Mentor.
Its all started with simple visit to website www.webmaker.org then i explored about it more and got to know about various components of the webmaker project by Mozilla. Them i came in contact with the active contributors who were already contributing in the project and got to know about the mission of the project to teach those who want to learn on web which is given the name as "Teach the web".
The best part of this project is that you learn while you make and there are various level of recognition you get when you acquired a certain skill-set.There are whole set of badges which you can earn and share with others.
I started making makes on webmaker and started attending webmaker events. My first recognition came as the skill sharer badge when i wrote my first blog on the KidzMaker party i have attended.

This badge was the breakthrough in my contribution after that i have never stopped my contribution and made lots of makes and remixed the existing one. Which made me eligible for the remixing maker badge in which we have to make and write blogs which highlight the various features of webmaker project and using multimedia in your makes.
Then came the day when i have hosted my first webmaker event in my college which made me eligible for the makerparty host and FSAmaker party badges.
for more about the maker party.

The most important step towards webmaker mentor and super mentor is to teach and share your skills. The more and more new contributors can get involved in the webmaker project through teaching kits which may cover various projects Mozilla like webmaker, appmaker etc. or various web literacy skills.
After making teaching kits and hosting events i applied for Webmaker Mentor badge.

The webmaker mentors are the army of those webmaker enthusiast who share, make and contribute to webmaker project to its fullest.
This made me more passionate about the Webmaker and Mozilla. I started biuilding community and reaching out people who want to contribute for the betterment of the web and want web accessible to all.

Kidz Maker Party

Mini Camp Jaipur

Maker party @ ITMU

After hosting events and sharing knowledge i have applied for the This badge is issued by Mozilla to outstanding Webmaker community members. Super Mentors are like Webmaker superheroes.They work with the webmaker team and contribute to make the project a huge success.

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