Monday, 5 January 2015

Hive Pop-Up Maker Party Kharagpur

 When you listen the word HIVE then three things which strike your mind are :-


The same happened with me when i saw a social media post about the Hive Pop-Up Maker Party Kharagpur. I got excited to attend this event as it was my first HIVE event. I contacted the organizer Umesh agrawal and luckily got invitation for the event.

Then came the day 20th of December 2014 when started my journey early morning to the city of Kharagpur. As i reached the venue the planning for the event has been already started. I joined the discussion as most of the guys were from Mozilla community Kolkata so discussion was going on in very sweet language called "Bangla". I was very comfortable in that environment as bangla was know to me.

Then all of us moved to the train the trainer session where our Mentor Mr. Shahid Farooqui interacted with us. First of all there was a little introduction session in which all the hive attendees shared about themselves how they are involved in Mozilla. This session was really helpful as due to this session every one got to know about each other.

Then all the attendees have been told to share there ideas for the event ranging from type of stall, how to create interest amongst the participants and allotment of stalls to the participants.
  All the participants then shared their ideas and their motive to be part of HIVE kgp. After the metting all group started their planning for the big day.

Then came the D day when all the participants hold their positions to their respective stalls. We tried to cover all the areas of contributions and various Mozilla projects like:-
  • Mozilla Mission
  • FSA
  • Webmaker
  1. Thimble
  2. X-ray Goggle
  3. Popcorn maker
  4. App maker
  • Firefox OS
  • Firefox browser
  • Fennec
  • Mozilla gears
As this was a HIVE event we covered other areas also for sharing knowledge like:-
  • Robotics
  • Electronics
  • T-shirt painting etc.

The participants started reaching the venue and we were all set you deliver our best in front of the future contributors.The stall coordinators started to explain things to the attendees and the attendees too had keen interest in listening them  
I was the coordinator of the FSA booth. In this i have highlighted few key points of FSA program like :-
  • What is FSA program?
  • Who can be part of the FSA program?
  • How to register for FSA program?
  • What is FSA club?
  • Who is the club Lead?
  • What are the club/FSA activities?
My participants who attended the event were below 18 but they were so keen to explore more about the program and wanted to join the program as soon as they get the required age.
I was sharing my booth with one of my new friend from Mozilla community Kolkata "Sukanta pal". He was the coordinator of the Open badge booth and participants were given the opportunity to make the badge then and there only best badge has been given swags.

The booths which attracted the eyeballs the most were T-shirt design, Firefox OS and Moz Gears. In the Moz gear section participants were given the opportunity to try those gears and feel the Mozilla mission.

I was lucky enough to try few of my favorite moz gears. Their where many spacial moments which made Hive kgp one of the awesome event.

At last i would like to thank all the Mozilla community Kolkata members Shahid Farooqui, Biraj karmakar, Umesh agrawal, Swarnasen gupta, Sukanta pal, Srijib roy, Ayan ,Sumantro, Debapriya Bhattacharya, Sreemegha, Ishita, Radha, Ranodeed and Rish for inviting me to this awesome event. :)


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