Sunday, 24 August 2014

Become a webmaker explorer


                                       Web and open Web

 As we listen "Mozilla" the next thing that comes i our mind is the Open web, But we should know what open web is and why it is necessary. 
When ever there is no control over the content of the internet by some bigwigs that is called open web. This is the place where every one can share its creativity and see what other have done. Mozilla's projects like webmaker give us a liberty to do all these things at a same place.

  • Thimble make
  • Popcorn make
  • X-ray goggles make.
The main aspects of any open web community are :-

  • decentralization
  • transparency 
Thimble an awesome tool through which we can make webpages and see the page in the section next to the code editor. This provide opportunity to make new things and share it with others.The best thing in it is that we can remix the existing content and publish it in this manner the credit is given to the maker of that make.
for more visit this. :-

Popcorn maker help the user to edit videos and share it with the  other we just need to copy and paste the link of the video and edit it according to our requirement.

for more visit this:-

X-ray goggles this is the tool which promote open web allot with its features of scanning a web page and identifying its various markup and attribute. Which help the user to see and edit the various element according to there creativity.
for more visit this link:-

The main idea behind all this to make and learn. As we see and edit existing content this give us inspiration and opportunity to everyone to show there creativity and the ownership of the content remains with the maker of that content.
This promote connected learning which has various principal like "interest powered", "peer supported" and "academically oriented"

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