Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mini Camp Jaipur

             "Make Learn and Share" 

Event :- Mini Camp Jaipur.
Date:-   17/08/2014. 

Hello friends,

This blog is on the event Mini Camp Jaipur.I got to know about the event from Meghraj Suthar he told me that as i am regular contributor I should attend this event and learn the community building process so that it will help me in my area.The second he asked me to join me this event i was clear in my mind what ever hurdle i get in reaching Jaipur from Gwalior i will join this "army of awesome".

My journey started from Gwalior railways station actually i have to break the journey so i, reached Agra railways station first and from there caught my train to the pink city. When I reached the venue i got a warm welcome from The MCR team.The team members were working very hard on analyzing and arranging things which may be importent for the event.Earlier have never met these guys but after seeing every one dedication i can say now that they are really working as team.They have divided task according to the interest and talent of each MCR member.
The USP of the event was vineel i can say that he was the show stopper of the event and the best person among all the
persons gathered in the "Sheesha lounge" to explain what Mozilla is and what we can do for Mozilla as contributor.
As the event started Trisul who was the live wire of the event and Osho having same level of potential supported him to
explain the agenda of the event.

The main focus of the event was to introduce the new biees about the various area of contribution and provied an opportunity to all the contributors in and across Jaipur to meet and discuss there contribution stories.After this Vineel took the center stage to explain about Mozilla foundation, its various projects and the various ways a person can contribute in Mozilla.
There were lots of fun activities like "Ali baba forty thieves" and "greeting each other as old friends". These session really helped to beark the ice after these activities the participants really opened up and started speaking and showing there talents.The first to session were took by varun and lavish they told all the participants about app development and app maker tool.The sessions then divided into two parts one groups of participants according to there interested were sent to the app development area and other set of guys sent to webmaker tools making area.
I have joined the app development group as mentor to help to thrieve them through there mission to publish there first ever app on marketplace.These participants were really creative and enthusiastic few got stuck at various point so i helped them to debug those errors.The other set of guys who were working on webmaker tools like thimble,popcorn maker and X-ray goggler also worked hard and showed there creative work.
The next session was about SuMo and various ways of contribution like AOA, Support Forum and localization which was taken by Raj suthar. 
App dev session

After all the successful sessions the event was wrapped up by giving appreciation to all the participants by Vineel
who made awesome apps, creative things using webmaker tools and the artwork by all the team members.
This was really an awesome event full of "learning, creativity and productivity".It really great being there and
attending this event in company of liaison like "Vineel reddy
pindi"......... :)
Overall event was a big hit hope to see more such awesome meetups.

Thanks.... :)

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